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Our Practical, Sustainable Approach.

Earth-friendly & Sustainable

Paper straws alone won't help save the planet. Recycling and reusing your favorite footwear and the like will significantly cut down carbon emissions otherwise produced by the wasteful manufacturing of new products. You don't have to be 'crunchy' or fanatic to make it happen; you just have to "own" the shoes you already have enough to keep them kicking, on your terms.

Less Lives to Lose, Everything to Gain

Pollute not. Waste Not. That's what we do when we bring your favorite shoes back to life. Less manufacturing of brand new shoes also means less animals get hurt. We like that. Need we say more?

Global Citizenship

Shoe repair and beyond transcends geography and political borders with responsibilities derived from membership to a broader class: humanity. As everyday citizens of our planet lean into sustainability, it has never been easier to embrace cleaner, more natural practices toward a better, richer, more simple life. Shoe repair and beyond stands proudly behind this effort.